Old Barns

Recently we refurbished a 100 year old barn that was in much need of some TLC. The barn was on a farm that has been in the family for generations. It has been passed down from generation to generation. We even had the privilege to meet the future owner who was only a few weeks old while we were there working on the project.
Like most structures, the old barn needed maintenance and in some instances even updating to modern materials for a longer life. After all it is an investment for the now and for the future generations.

In our first conversation with the owners they revealed that it was a tough decision to invest so much in an existing structure. The dilemma is this, to restore the barn or continue to let it drift away in history with each passing season.
Ultimately this family decided to invest in the history of this old barn and continue its legacy of making memories for future generations.

In life as in structures, it begins with the foundation! This particular old barn had an extremely good foundation. No dips in the roof, no rotten beams or supports. Whoever was here before us built it well for our generation. Most of our work consisted of cosmetics and weather ability.
When we consider old barns it’s not just about how much it will cost to restore it or replace it. It’s about those who will come after us! It’s an investment in their future!

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